Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some bizare but creative ideas!

Ini merupakan gambar2 bagi idea-idea yang menarik, tak kira lah pada design dia, fungsi dia, tapi patut diberi perhatian! (bagi saya, ia patutlah diberi perhatian)


All of this are some pictures of interesting ideas, in design, and functions that need to be tell to everyone. Not only it was creative, but also sometime multifunctional and funny to look at...

Fan of spiderman? How about a lamp designed like him. It may have some sticker or magnet or anything that may enable it to be attach to the wall. Still don't have the spiderman custom made up for the little guy though =)

Want to save space? Don't want more drawers or cupboards? How 'bout put all your things under the stairs... literally!

A fan of pocket knives? Here's one that will make all pocket knives' fan boys and girls happy...

Boring memory card storage? How 'bout one that can puke it out when you need it? Gross and funny! :-)

If you don't like the spider lamp, how bout' the flower lamp? It will open when it's morning! Cooool...